Tags help you organize your subscribers by key characteristics.

For example:

You could tag all subscribers who purchased a specific product from your checkout system as "Buyer Product A", and all subscribers who requested a free lead magnet as "Download Contest Funnel Formula".

Not only are these tags great for getting the right message to the right people, but they are also a great way to be a sort of "Air Traffic Controller" for your campaigns to start and, importantly, stop campaigns when it's appropriate after a contact has completed a desired outcome (like purchase, webinar registration and more).

Subscribers can have many different tags at once. So a Subscriber who opted in for "Download Contest Funnel Formula" AND purchased 'Product A' then they could also have the tag "Buyer Product A".

Before we dig deeper, you'll want to make sure you have a syntax for your tags that makes sense to you.

Tags are so flexible that you can create anything that suits you, but here are some general philosophies we use:

[Action] - [Item Name] - [Date]

We like to mix and match based on the context of what the tag is being used for.

Some examples of this in action would be:

Download Inbox Formula

Buyer Campaign Refinery

Register Email Summit November 2022

  • As you can see in the examples above, we use action words like "download", "buyer", and "register" to indicate what the person is or did. Then, we inserted the product names.
  • Followed lastly by a date identifier to help us know the *when* if that's important (like it is for a live webinar).
  • But the beauty of this is that you can modify this to whatever works best for you, and every customer picks a different path which is great!

Editing a Tag

Editing Tags allows you to rename a tag, and/or add it under a parent tag.

  1. Go to Contacts > Tags in the left-side panel. Select which tag you want to edit. by either clicking on the Tag itself or the 'Edit' button across it, under 'Actions' at the right side of the window.
  2. You can either edit the Tag Name or put it under a Parent Tag. Click 'Save'.
    1. In this example, let us edit the tag '3 day flash sale prospect' and rename it as '4 day flash sale prospect'

Creating a New Tag

Option 1: Contacts

  1. You can create a tag under Contacts > Tags in the left-hand menu.
  2. Click on the '+Tags' at the upper right corner of the page.
  3. Type in a new tag and click 'Add Tag'
  4. You will see a notice that the new tag was created, and see it added to the list of tags.

Option 2: Campaigns Create tags in real-time while building your campaign. Campaign Refinery saves changes on tags you created/added as you work within your campaign builder.

Note: Learn more about Adding/editing tags in Campaigns.

Option 3: Broadcasts You can easily create, apply, and remove tags as needed while you are creating/editing your broadcast.

Note: Learn more about Tags in Broadcasts.

Tag Existing/Imported Contacts

  • If you want to tag existing contacts individually, find the record using the "Search Contacts" or the quick search just above the Account Dashboard.

    Once there, you can go to the Tags icon on the profile. Click the "Edit" button, which will bring you to the Manage Tags page:

    • And now, you can once again click into the field and either select from a pre-defined tag or create a new tag on the fly. Click the 'Save' button once you're content with the changes.
  • While this is super convenient for managing tags on a single contact, it's not ideal when you have many contacts you want to add or remove tags.

Note: Learn how to Apply/Remove Tags to Contacts in Bulk