Applying Tags to Contacts in Bulk

For this, we've created a workflow where you can apply or remove tags in bulk.

To do this

Option 1: All Contacts Allows you to directly apply/remove tags by selecting all contacts or manually choosing contacts.

  1. Go to Contacts>All Contacts at the left side panel.
  2. Tick the checkbox beside the header 'EMAIL' or click the Select All button to select all the contacts displayed on the page.
    1. You may select all the contacts in your list by clicking on 'Select all xx contacts found'.
    2. You may also manually select specific contacts by ticking only the checkboxes beside the email addresses.
  3. After you have selected your contacts, click on the drop-down menu 'Apply To Selected'. Select either to Apply Tag or Remove Tag.
  4. Clicking on either will show you this pop-up window for you to select one tag at a time.
  5. Next, click on 'Apply Tag'.

  6. Next, you will see a confirmation prompt that the tags were either applied/removed.

Option 2: Search Contacts Allows you to apply/remove tags to target contacts that meet your specified conditions using the Contact Search filters.

  1. Go to Contacts>Search Contacts at the left side panel menu.
  2. Set your preferred filters. Next, click Search.
    1. The system will display a search summary that includes your selected filters, along with a list of contacts that match your criteria. Click on Select All to select all contacts listed on the page. Click 'Select all xx contacts found' to select all contacts in your list.
    2. Note: Notice that there is an option to name and save as new Audience segment. Learn more about Audience segments

    3. Refer to and follow steps 3-5 of Option 1.

Option 3: Audience Segments Allows you to remove/apply tags to contacts saved as an audience segment. Note that this does not remove the tag/s from the audience segment selected.

  1. Go to Contacts>Audience Segments and select the audience segment you want to work on. Notice that the column 'include tags' are tags currently applied to the segments.
  2. After clicking the audience segment you want to work on, the system will display the summary showing the filters applied, and the list of contacts in the segment.
  3. Refer to and follow steps 3-5 of Option 1.