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Domain & DNS

How to add domains to common registrars and DNS management services

2 articles

Getting Started

Brand new to Campaign Refinery? These resources will be helpful.

2 articles

Integrating with Zapier

The articles here are related to using Zapier to connect Campaign Refinery

4 articles


Your list of subscribers, imports, exports, tags and audience segments.

7 articles


How to integrate 3rd party services with your Campaign Refinery Account

2 articles

Email Builder

How to use and customize your emails with images, links and tagging.

6 articles


Configuring Automations, Sequences, Goals, Campaign Links & more.

3 articles


Creating, customizing, and sending emails at a set date/time.

1 article


List cleaning, reputation management and getting into the inbox.

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Managing Your Account

Account Info, Terms & Conditions, Billing, Data Security, & GDPR.

3 articles


Steps to take if something's not working quite how you'd expect.

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