Tags in Broadcasts

Broadcasts are used for one-off emails to a pre-defined audience or segments.

Tags play a pivotal role in organizing and segmenting recipients within broadcast campaigns. Tags are labels that can be assigned to individual subscribers based on their interactions, preferences, behaviors, or any other distinguishing characteristics. When an email broadcast is sent to a list of subscribers, tags help personalize and target the content more effectively.

You can add new, apply, or remove tags from your broadcasts.

  1. Select 'Broadcasts' from the left-side panel menu.
  2. Access the Tags tab
    1. Option 1: Click on the broadcast that you would be working on under the column MESSAGE, then select the Tags Tab
    2. Option 2: Click the Edit dropdown menu under 'ACTIONS', across the broadcast you want to edit the tags for. Click 'Tags' to go to the Tags Tab.
  3. Here's what the Tags tab page looks like.
  4. You can Apply or Remove tags based on the user actions in your Broadcast.
  5. You can create a new tag by typing it directly in the tag field and selecting the newly underlined tag to save it. You can also select from existing tags displayed when you click on the tag field.
    1. Click on the underlined tag to add and save the new tag
    2. Select from existing tags
  6. You can also add tags to specific links in your email.
    1. On the Tags tab, you can apply/remove tags per link in your email. Notice that the system groups your links with the same URL and you can apply for a single tag add/remove action even if it’s in more than one place in the email.
  7. Lastly, you can click the Save button when you have decided on the action.