Triggers & Actions of Automation Rules

Our automation rules engine is the most common way to set up automation.

The basic idea here is that this is an "if this, then that" rule builder.

Triggers initiate the automation process, while actions dictate what happens once the trigger condition is met. By combining various triggers and actions, you can create sophisticated and highly targeted email automation workflows to engage your subscribers, drive conversions, and build lasting relationships with your audience.


  1. A contact subscribes to a form. This trigger activates an automation when a contact subscribes to a specified form. You have the flexibility to select forms within the current campaign you're working on or opt for forms outside of the campaign.

  2. A contact opens any email in this campaign. Triggers an automation when a contact opens any email in the campaign

  3. A contact clicks on any link in this campaign. Triggers an automation when a contact opens any link in the campaign.
  4. A tag is added. This trigger kicks off an automation when a contact is assigned a specific tag. In Campaign Refinery, this tag assignment can occur through various methods, including bulk tagging for a group of contacts, individual tag assignment in the Contacts section, or as part of an automated process.
  5. A goal is achieved. This trigger begins an automation when a contact achieves either a specified goal or any goal in the campaign.
  6. A reward is unlocked. This trigger activates automation when a contact reaches the designated points based on your designed rewards. Note that this trigger is available only if you have Gamification activated on your account.
    1. Click the link to learn more about Rewards.
  7. An API integration event is detected.
    1. Select the API integration event, then select the application.
    2. Click the link to learn more about ClickBank integration and the different event trigger types.


  1. start a sequence/stop a sequence. This action starts /stops a sequence when the trigger condition has been met
    1. choose whether to start or stop a sequence when a trigger condition happens
  2. add a tag/remove a tag. This action adds or removes a tag from contacts when they reach the specified trigger.
  3. start a branch. Branches are decision trees that can be used to trigger actions when contacts meet certain criteria.
    1. Click the link to learn more about Branches.
    2. Click on the Save automation rule and continue with your workflow.

Note: Click the link to learn more about campaign-wide automation rules under Global Settings.