Automation Rules

The most common way to set up an automation is using our automation rules engine.

The basic idea here, this is that this is an "if this, then that" rule builder.

So when a trigger is detected, your Campaign Refinery account will perform an action.

To help keep things easier to navigate, only tags & goals pull from all available tags & goals. Each of the additional options tries to limit their scope to just things available within a particular campaign.

Knowing this, it helps to organize forms and sequences within a single campaign. This makes sense both logically and organizationally reduce the clutter from other non-associated campaigns.

The most common use of triggers is to Start a Sequence.

When you've collected lead data, or something has happened with recording, it can often be a great time to start a new sequence.

For instance, if someone subscribes to a form, there is generally an expectation of something to happen next.

Sequences are your flexible place to apply tags, send emails, send HTTP posts and more. Because of this, it's often not needed to use automation rules to apply a tag if you have more events you'd like to stack together.

However, we don't limit you this way if this is how you prefer to think about your campaigns.

We personally use sequences to apply tags and handle the vast majority of fulfilment for our lead magnets, account upgrades, cancellations and more.

Looking to stop a sequence when certain criteria is met? 

We encourage you to use Goals so you have a globally available trigger you can use in any sequence across all your various campaigns.