Introducing Campaigns

A campaign is a set of coordinated and targeted emails to accomplish a particular goal.

The objective could be anything from promoting a new product, increasing sales, driving traffic to a website, or raising awareness about a cause. The key to a successful campaign is a clear goal and a plan.

To launch a campaign, you need a list of subscribers who have permitted you to send them emails. The list could be generated from your website, social media channels, events, or any other source.

Campaign Refinery has an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) for collecting leads.

The article we have today will introduce you to Campaigns.

Let's go ahead and get started.

All My Campaigns

  1. Go to the left-side panel and click the Campaigns button.
  2. The Campaigns drop-down shows the main functions: All My Campaigns, Campaign Library, and Rewards.
  3. Click the All My Campaigns button to show the My Campaigns Dashboard.
  4. If you want to create a new campaign, click the + Campaign button in the upper right corner of the Dashboard.
    1. Click the link to learn how to create a new campaign.

  5. In the My Campaigns dashboard, you can see five (5) different areas: Name, Type, Sequences, Contacts, and Actions.
    1. Name contains all the existing campaigns you have. These campaigns may be from the Campaign Library or made from scratch (see step #4 above on creating a new campaign).

      • You can also arrange the names alphabetically in ascending or descending order by clicking the arrow next to 'NAME'.
    2. Type shows the kind or 'type' of campaign you are running.
      • We have preset Applications available that you can choose from:
    3. Sequences show the number of sequences each campaign has.
    4. Contacts show the number of contacts expected to be included in the campaign.
      • Contacts with tags or in specific audience segments only will appear under the Contacts area.
    5. Actions show the different functions like Edit, Delete, and Clone.
      • Edit: To edit the campaign settings.

Click the link to learn more about campaign settings.

      • Delete: To delete a campaign.
      • Clone: To make a copy of the campaign.

Campaign Library

  1. Below the All My Campaigns tab is the Campaign Library, which contains pre-loaded sequence templates depending on the customer's needs.
  2. You can choose the Campaign Type by going to Filter by Campaign Type.
    1. Click the arrow next to 'All' and choose your desired campaign type.
    2. After selecting the Campaign Type, click Go.
      • The system will show the campaign with the pre-loaded sequence according to your selected Campaign Type.
  3. Click the Copy button to generate the pre-loaded sequence for your selected Campaign Type.
  4. The campaign will appear in your My Campaigns dashboard.

    1. Campaigns from the library have pre-loaded sequences templates


Lastly, below the Campaign Library are the Rewards.

Do you have any idea what this feature is for? You got it right.

You can create vouchers via Rewards.

Click the link to learn more about Rewards.