Integrating Calendly

This article will show where to start the integration of Calendly using Zaps on Zapier.

Calendly Account

1. Sign up or Log in to Calendly.

2. If you are on a Professional Trial, you can use the Integrations. But once the trial ends, you need to subscribe to a Calendly Professional Plan or higher to use the Integrations.

3. Go to Integrations and click on the API and connectors tab.

Zapier Integrations

4. Choose Zapier or build a custom API (for advanced users).

5. Read about the Zapier Information to understand how Calendly + Zapier works, then click 'Go to Setup'.

6. Each Calendly account and integration has a Unique API Key. This key is crucial in integrating Calendly into specific apps like Zapier. 

7. You can see Your Unique API Key by clicking the 'eye' icon.

8. Copy Your Unique API Key by clicking the 'Copy to clipboard' button.

9. Follow the instructions to set up a Zap on Zapier.

10. Click this link to proceed with the next step on Zapier.