Create Suppression Lists and Remove Contacts

Adding an email address to a suppression list ensures that the recipient will not receive any future emails from the sender, even if they are subscribed to the email list or campaign. This can be useful in cases where the recipient has requested to be removed from the email list or if they have reported the emails as spam or unwanted.

Note: Learn how to apply existing suppression lists to your broadcasts/campaigns.

Creating Suppression Lists in Contacts

  1. Go to Contacts>Suppression Lists
  2. Click '+Suppression List'
  3. Enter a name or purpose for the suppression list.
  4. You can choose whether to store the email addresses as 'Plain Text' or 'MD5 Hash Value' (refer to step 6 c-f). Click 'Save Settings'.
  5. You will see a notification 'Suppression list added'.

  1. Click '+Add Entries' to add one or more email addresses to the suppression list. Click
    1. The email addresses in your suppression list will be displayed as regular emails If you selected to store the email addresses as plain text.
    2. If you selected to store the email addresses as MD5 Hash Value the email addresses will be displayed as below:

  2. You could also import a ready CSV file instead.
    1. Click the 'Import' button
    2. Upload your CSV file. Make sure to check the checkbox to Ignore header row, and click 'Continue'.
    3. You will see a notification that the suppression list is imported, and the list of emails.

Removing Contact/s from the Suppression List:

  1. Go to Contacts>Suppression Lists> Select the suppression list you want to edit
  2. Clicking on the checkbox next to EMAIL HASH/EMAIL will select all emails displayed on the page. Click on the displayed "Select all xx entries found" to select all contacts in the list. Check the boxes beside the email addresses/hashed email addresses to manually select from the list.
  3. Then, click on the dropdown 'Apply to Selected' on the top left of the email address and choose 'Delete Entries'. A pop-up window will ask if you want to delete the selected entries. Click 'Yes, delete'. The selected email addresses will be removed from the suppression list.

  1. You will get a confirmation that the entries had been deleted.