Suppression List

Welcome to our guide on suppression lists!

A suppression list is a powerful tool for email marketers who want to ensure that their email campaigns or broadcasts are only sent to the intended audience. This list contains email addresses explicitly excluded from receiving emails from a particular sender or organization.

Adding an email address to a suppression list ensures that the recipient will not receive any future emails from the sender, even if they are subscribed to the email list or campaign. This can be useful in cases where the recipient has requested to be removed from the email list or if they have reported the emails as spam or unwanted.

This guide will explore the benefits of using suppression lists, how to create and manage them, and best practices for using them in your email marketing campaigns. Whether you are a seasoned email marketer or new to the world of email marketing, this guide will provide the information you need to use suppression lists to improve your email marketing efforts effectively.

Note: It is essential to understand that suppression lists differ from unsubscribed contacts. While a suppressed email address is excluded from receiving specific email campaigns or broadcasts, an unsubscribed contact has actively opted out of receiving future emails from the sender. An unsubscribed contact must opt-in or re-subscribe to the email list or campaign to become active again. In contrast, a suppressed email address remains on the list but is excluded from receiving certain emails.

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