Campaign Links

When putting together links, we wanted a way to do more with less effort when it comes to making your links go further.

The solution we came up with is called Campaign Links.

There were two main use cases that stuck out to us:

1. An easy way to update links in all emails with one change

When you're building a sequence, chances are that you're using the same URL many times over.

Not only does this increase your chances of error, but if you need to change that URL it's a lot of tedious work.

So instead of that, Campaign Links gives you a place to map a variable to a URL. That way when you're linking inside of your emails you're actually using a shortened variable that's easy to select.

Plus, if at any point at a later date you need to update that URL, you only need to do that once.

2. Dynamic links that can automatically change URL's

One thing you might notice as you create your Campaign Links is that you have an opportunity to configure multiple "stages".

This is where things can really get interesting because you can create dynamically updating links.

Dynamically updating your URL's can be immensely powerful for things like evergreen sales, stages of a webinar and more.

Here's an example of a 2 stage Campaign Link, but you can do as many as you'd like:

For this campaign, we used a Campaign Link the URL for a Black Friday / Cyber Monday offer.

This allowed us to retroactively change the link to a different offer page once the initial offer was over.

By default, a variable will set itself to the default stage.

In order to alter which stage the link is, you need to insert the right event into your sequence.

Since sequences work as a timeline, this change won't fire until the previous events have come to pass.

NOTE: When using Goals to halt a sequence, it could present a situation where a link is never updated to its next stage. It is for this very reason that we added a checkbox for "Run this event even if sequence is halted or cancelled."

You'd want to consider using this if it's important to you that an offer truly closes, even if someone buys. That way they can't just forward their email to someone else to get in after the date of closure.