Subscription & Account Page

You can always manage your billing and subscription to Campaign Refinery directly from your account.
The Campaign Refinery account is very intuitive and user-friendly. The article below will show you how to check and manage your Account and Plan.

Let's start!

1. Scroll down and click on the 'Manage' button.

3. It will show your 'Account' Page.

The Account page shows your current plan, the other plans you can upgrade and downgrade to, and your billing and invoice details.

4. Your Plan is where you can see the plan you are subscribed to and possible other plans to upgrade or downgrade to:

To change your plan, click the 'Switch to Plan' button of the plan you want to downgrade or upgrade to next.

5. You can also change your plan's 'Billing Frequency' to 'Monthly' or 'Yearly'.

Note: You can get free promos or deals such as 2 months for Annual plans.

6. Meanwhile, the 'Order Summary' shows the new calculations when you switch to a new plan or change your 'Billing Frequency'.

7. Below the 'Order Summary' tab, you can also see the 'Cancel Your Subscription'.

Click 'Cancel subscription', enter your current password, and click 'Yes, cancel now'. This will altogether cancel the plan you have.

Note: You can always go back! Check out our plans and pricing at this link.

  1. To view and update your billing information and invoice history, click Billing & Invoices. button.