Billing & Invoices

You can always manage your billing details, check your current plans, and export invoices directly from your Campaign Refinery account.

Campaign Refinery makes access to all your invoices readily available and downloadable as PDFs.
The article below will show you how to check and manage your billing details and invoices. 

Let's start!

1. Scroll down and click on the 'Manage' button.

2. Next to 'Your Plan', click 'Update Billing Details'.

3. Campaign Refinery is partnered with Stripe for Card payments. The following page shows your subscription and billing details.

4. You will see two (2) plans by default: Basic Plan & Daily Plan.

5. Basic Plan: You signed up for this plan and paid with your card details on the Campaign Refinery website.

We have three (3) major plans currently: Startup Plan, Growth Plan & Enterprise Plan. Each plan can either be monthly or yearly (annually). 

Daily Plan: Depending on your basic plan, there is a certain amount of credits or limits usable per month. 

If you happen to exceed these credits or limits. the system will calculate the excess as overage and it will be billed per day. Hence the Daily plan or the Overage plan.

6. Card payments require an active and valid credit card. Your card details are shown in the Current Plans and Payment Methods sections.

Current Plans: Here, you can also see which card you've recently used to pay. You can edit the card details by clicking the pencil icon.

Payment Methods: This section will show all of the cards you've used so far to subscribe to the plan.

You have the current card by default, which can't be deleted while set as your default payment method.

You can change the default card with one of the existing cards or delete those listed cards by clicking the three (3) horizontal dots.

You can also add a new card by clicking the '+ Add payment method' and filling in the needed information.

Then, click 'Add' after filling out all the fields.

Note: if the box above is ticked, the new card will automatically become the default card payment.

7. If you need to change or update your personal details, go to the 'Billing Information' section.

Click the "pencil" icon to open the next page.

Change or update your Email address.

And (Or) add your home or office Address or PO box.

Then, click 'Save' to update your billing information.

8. If you need your invoices or receipts for auditing purposes, go to the INVOICE HISTORY section.

All of your invoices for the duration of your plan and depending on the billing frequency can be found in this section. 

You only need to click 'View More' to see the list of your invoices from the very first invoice up to the latest one.

9. Click the date or the arrow icon next to it to open each invoice.

10. The system will show your invoice details, including an outstanding balance if you still have one.

11. Click on the 'View invoice details' part under the amount to see another view of the invoice.

Summary: You will see details about your invoice, with your email address, the company with your plan, the invoice number, and the amount due.

12. If you have concerns or questions about your billing, click the Contact Campaign Refinery link.

You can either call or send an email to us during business hours.

13. Lastly, you can export the invoice or the receipt depending on what you will need in your accounting.

That's it! Hope the article helps! 👍