Broadcast "Completed" But No Email Actually Sent

If you've created a broadcast and it is listed as "completed" but the number of emails sent is 0 out of your available audience, we have good news. 

Troubleshooting should be just a few clicks away!

The vast majority of the time that this happens, it's due to the domain you're trying to use not having passed verification.

In order to see if this is the case, go to: Settings > DNS Settings

Then, click the "DNS" button next to the domain in question.

Once here, click the "Verify" button in the top-right, just above the DNS variables for the domain.

If the domain passes verification it should turn green and say "Verified".

If not, scroll down to view which DNS variables are not verified correctly. Update your DNS for any variables that fail and come back to try again. 

Remember: DNS variables can take a while to propagate globally. It could be nearly instantly, take an hour or up to 48 hours to update and verify correctly depending on your registrar.

Once the domain has successfully verified all variables, go try and send a broadcast again and see if that fixes your issue.

You'll need to create a new broadcast, but you can easily select a previously created broadcast to copy in and make the resend a quick and easy process.

What If Verifying Doesn't Fix It?

More than 9 times out of 10, the solution above will get you running again really quickly. However, if that's not doing it for you there are a few other possibilities that will require help from our support team.

Send a ticket to so we can make sure your domain hasn't been disabled or if there is something else going on with your account that we can fix for you.