Add DNS to Google Domain

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to add DNS records to a website on Google Domains:

  1. Go to the Google Domains website ( and sign in to your account using your Google credentials.
  2. Once you're logged in, you'll see a list of your domains. Locate the domain you want to add DNS records to and click on the name or the "Manage" button.
  3. Look for the "DNS" tab on the domain management page and click on it. This will take you to the DNS configuration section.
  4. In the DNS configuration section, you'll see a table with existing DNS records (if any).
    1. Click the "Manage custom records" button.
  5. A dialog box will appear, allowing you to specify the details of the new DNS record.
    1. If you already have existing records, do not change or remove them to avoid affecting your default records.
    2. Instead, click the "Create new record" button to add new records or values from your Campaign Refinery account.
  6. Choose the appropriate record type based on your needs. Enter the necessary information for the DNS record based on the type you selected. This typically includes fields such as the record name, value, and TTL (Time to Live). The exact fields may vary depending on the record type.
  7. When adding the record name (from Campaign Refinery) to the "host" name of Google Domains, do not include the domain name anymore. The platform will automatically add that once you hit the Save button.
    1. You can use the default TTL for all the DNS records from your Campaign Refinery account.
    2. The MX Records have also added the same way with a little difference by adding the Priority in the same "data" field.
      1. Google Domain only recognizes one MX entry with the same Host Name per domain. If you need to add another MX record with the same Hostname, like r1 and r2, you need to click "Add more to this record" just below the value field.
  8. Once you've entered the required information, click the "Save" button to add the DNS record. The record will be added to the DNS configuration table.
  9. Click the "Manage custom records" button again and repeat steps 5 to 8 for any additional DNS records you need to add.
  10. After adding all the necessary DNS records, go back to the DNS settings of your Campaign Refinery account and click the "Verify" button.
    1. If there are incorrect or missing entries, text in red will appear in the DNS settings.
    2. You must return to the domain account and remove and re-add the entries.

    3. If there are no texts in red but a warning message, wait an hour to 48 hours for the changes to propagate, and hit the verify button again.
      1. DNS propagation can take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours.

      2. If there are no text errors, it will get verified quickly.

The End.