Insert 3rd Party Countdown Timer

So you're running an offer that's expiring and want to highlight a countdown timer?


It's worth noting that we're building an awesome native countdown timer feature that will let you do some incredible evergreen countdown timers. We'll come back and update this article once that is published.

Basic Premise

Our email builder allows you to choose to upload an image directly or use an image URL.

Allowing for an external URL to load images, makes GIFs and countdown timers something that can be easily accomplished.

So with that available to us, you just need a 3rd party hosted countdown timer to copy a hosted URL from.

Free Countdown Timer Solution

In the past, we've used and really liked a free service called Sendtric .

They just ask you for an email and the intended end time for your countdown.

Once you've generated your countdown timer, only grab the link shown between the first set of quotes (refer to above screenshot). Don't copy the entire string.


Then just paste the entire URL into the email builder on Campaign Refinery.

After pasting in the URL and hitting "insert", your timer will populate in the email.

To adjust size, just grab a corner and drag. To left or right adjust, simply use the alignment adjustment option directly on the timer.

Additionally, it's worth noting that you can still hyperlink this image even though it's hosted elsewhere.

So feel free to throw a link to your special offer sales page :-)