Cleaning Validation Token

The cleaner will rarely reject a valid email address. If you think this was in error, you can request a one-time override verification code from our support team.
Then, you can manually verify and subscribe to the contact and remove it as a bounced email.
The guide below will help you how to get your contact verified and subscribed.

Let's start!

  1. Search for the contact you would like to re-subscribe.
    1. Option 1 Enter your contact's email address in the contacts search field, and press 'Enter' on your keyboard.
    2. Option 2 Go to Contacts from the left-side menu panel, then click All Contacts.
    3. You can view and search through your contact list. The email addresses can be sorted alphabetically.
    4. You can also utilize the contact search field on the right side of the page.
    5. Option 3 Go to Contacts from the left-side menu panel, then click Search Contacts.
    6. After setting the preferred filters, click Search.

4. Next, click on the user's email address to open the contact information.

5. Since the verification cleaner did not recognize the user as a 'valid' contact, the contact's status in your account will show as 'undeliverable'. To re-subscribe, click on the 'Unsubscribed' option.

6. Validation Code: Send a request email to Campaign Refinery Support ( to get the verification code. 

7. Type the validation code provided. Press 'Enter' to automatically verify your contact.

Note: The validation code is for one-time use only. It expires once you've used it to verify a contact.

8. Once the code is entered, the status of the contact will change to 'Verified' and 'Subscribed'