Cleaning Validation Token

The cleaner will rarely reject a valid email address. If you think this was in error, you can request a one-time override verification code from our support team.
Then, you can manually verify and subscribe to the contact and remove it as a bounced email.
The guide below will help you how to get your contact verified and subscribed.

Let's start!

1. Log in to your Campaign Refinery account:

2. Go to Dashboard > look for and click the 'magnifying glass' icon.

3. Type the email address of the contact to whom you would like to re-subscribe.

4. Next, click on the email address of the user to open the contact information.

5. Since the verification cleaner did not recognize the user as a ' valid' contact, the contact's status in your account will show as 'undeliverable'. To re-subscribe, click on the 'Unsubscribed' option.

6. Validation Code: Send a request email to Campaign Refinery Support to get the verification code. 

7. Type the validation code from the support to subscribe and hit ' Enter' to verify your contact automatically.

Note: The validation code is one-time used only. It expires once you've used it to verify a contact. You have to request for another code again to support.

8. Once the code is entered, the status of the contact will change to 'Verified' and 'Subscribed'