Integrating Elastic Email

Before you begin: Campaign Refinery uses web hooks for email stats tracking. This feature is only available in Elastic Email on Pro (or higher) accounts.

1. Create API Key

Open and look for the API key already assigned to your account under HTTP API Settings. Do NOT click on the Add API Key button.

Copy the API key provided.

Open and click + Email Service before selecting Elastic Email from the drop-down menu. Give your service a unique name and paste your API key into the API Key field. When you save, Campaign Refinery will set up Webhooks for you.

Note: If webhooks are not configured automatically on saving, check that your API key is valid!

2. Webhooks

Campaign Refinery will normally set these up for you automatically once you enter your API key. If it does not, you can set the webhooks up manually by following these steps.

Open again, and find the new Elastic Email service you set up in Step 1 above. At the top of the page, look out for a block similar to the following and copy the URL supplied.

Open and click + to add a new webhook if the form isn't already displaying. Paste the URL into the Notification Link field, and select all notification options except for Notify once per email.

Click Save to save your changes.