Split Testing SMTP's

One of the best parts of Campaign Refinery is the ability to split test different email services against each other.

This means you never have to rewrite your emails, redo your business logic or replace your forms to test deliverability.

Simply adding another email service gives you the ability to test in a few clicks.

Things You'll Need To Run a Deliverability Split Test:

1. At least two SMTP's configured under 'email services' in your Campaign Refinery account

And... that's it!

Once you start creating a broadcast, you'll see an option under 'Email Delivery Service Account" for 'Create Split Test'.

After that is selected, more options will appear.

Those additional options will ask you to configure how many email delivery accounts you'd like to test, what % of the total broadcast you'd like to send to each service and then the actual services to use.

We will help you automatically pick a winner and send out all remaining emails to the winning service.

By default, we pick a winner based on clicks because it's the most reliable metric. However, you are free to select opens as your metric is you so desire.

Pick a time interval that you'd like us to wait before picking a winner. This time can be as short as 1 hour, or as long as 72 hours before selecting a winner and sending all remaining emails.

This deliverability split testing feature currently only works on broadcasts but will be coming soon to automation emails as well. 

For automations, we will run for a set number of emails instead of a percentage since automations tend to be a trickle of leads over a period of time instead of one large batch of emails where percentages make sense.