Personalizing Emails

If you know you'll be sending a broadcast or running a sequence to contacts with more than just email addresses, then you have a great opportunity to personalize the email and subject line to your recipients.

To see which personalization variables you have available, click the gear icon in the editor.

All of your variables with data should appear here, including any custom fields you've set up as you can see in this screenshot.

Once you click a field, it will insert the variable in the form of curly braces {{variable}}.

Don't mind that it might look a little weird if you're not used to seeing variables like this. If the contact has data in that field, it will populate with the actual name, email etc instead of the curly braces.

One cool thing is that you can use these in the subject line as well.

So all you'd have to do is copy and paste the complete curly braces into the subject line and use it as if it was a complete word.